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**** Survived!!!! :eek:

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K..... Yes there are two optional endings, and both seem to end with Lee dead. But how can that be? You the player are Lee. And we already know there will be a second season.

So, lets explore the options.

First and most obvious, is the optional ending where Lee is just left behind. So the option of him being dead could be that he just passed out due to the loss of blood.

And in the alternative option.... Clem shoots Lee. Kinda of a final blow with absolute certainty that lee is dead. Or is it? I mean Clem did just learn how to shoot a gun and the all important feature of her closing her eyes as she fired could be a miss shot on an already passed out Lee.

So you see..... there is still hope you will be playing as Lee in Season 2.

Thoughts or conjectures? Because I'm convinced this is how it will be.

I believe I answer everyone's questions regarding how he can survive through out this thread.... but due to a troll, I refuse to continue with pointless banter after page 5. However if you have a real question that I have not answered I will attempt to answer it...

But think about this point first; there is NO proof that Lee is dead.
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  • Doctanian wrote: »
    Lee will be back.

    This.......... mark my words.
  • Crixus wrote: »
    She was looking through tear filled eyes but they were open, anyways a monkey could make that shot with their eyes closed it was from point blank range! :D Let the man RIP

    Sorry but I'm not pouring out my 40 until I know he's gone.
  • Those who played Episode 5 will know how this is possible for those who don't look at it this way.

    Threw out Episodes 1-5 you make different choice respond differently and it is stated at the start of each episode the choices you make determine the outcome of the game.

    During Episodes 1-4 there maybe choices and responses that may change the outcome of Episode 5. It has not yet been discovered as of the time of this post what choices, actions and responses need to be made and if there are multiple endings to this game. It is automatically assumed that there are only two endings at Episode 5.

    However there maybe more endings that have not been found or discovered and of course these could change the events in Episode 5. At the end lee is handcuffed to a radiator or would this event happen if there are multiple endings to the game and the story changes varying your choices made?????

    Also what happens if Lee is found and still alive and then given an injection that would counter the infection or reverse some of the damage. Its a long shot but still is possible since he could be found by anyone else. This does seem a long way of but it is possible for this game to have multiple endings and for Lee to survive.


    There is one and only one ending, Lee dies. How you get their on the journey may be slightly diifferent but the destination is always the same, RIP Lee
  • this.......... Mark my words.

  • I love how all the people who are so sure Lee's dead flock to the thread claiming he isn't.
  • Doctanian wrote: »
    I love how all the people who are so sure Lee's dead flock to the thread claiming he isn't.

  • Doctanian wrote: »
    I love how all the people who are so sure Lee's dead flock to the thread claiming he isn't.

    lol its worse then believing carley had survived, we even seen her get shot in the head, some people are just in denial i guess! :D
  • Doctanian wrote: »
    I love how all the people who are so sure Lee's dead flock to the thread claiming he isn't.

    Cause we're on a forum to talk and debate about the game? I'm pretty sure you'd like this thread to be just "OMG YOU'RE SO RIGHT <3 <3 ", but sorry, that's not how it works... Yeah, sometimes people can think others can be wrong.

    TWD is just like this. I'm not talkign about the show, I'm talking about the comics. There's no happy twist except in the first album, that's all we're saying.

    Now, I think that's kinda cool, being stubborn with this idea, it just proves that TTG had created a wonderful character!
  • AnTea wrote: »
    Cause we're on a forum to talk and debate about the game?

    You're right, saying "Lee's dead. Get over it" is masterful discussion and debating.
  • Wow. I see some of us are stuck in the stages of dealing with grief and loss.

    Stage 1: Denial

    In the Walking Dead universe, if you are bitten you die. The bite is 100% fatal and always leads to death, unless immediate amputation occurs.

    Lee took too long to cut his arm off (if he does it at all). By the time he decides (or doesn't decide) to cut it off, he has already passed out once. This means the infection is already affecting him; it has spread too far to be stopped.

    Even if Clementine missed (if she was told to shoot him), and given how good a shot she is now, I find that highly impossible, Lee is still infected. He can't survive a bite.

    Even if Kenny or some magical rescue team arrived on the scene, there is nothing that can be done for Lee. This game follows comic book canon, and as Kirkman himself as said, there is no cure, there is nothing that can prevent a zombie bite from killing someone except for immediate amputation. And that didn't happen.

    Face it. Lee is dead.

    Enjoy stages 2-5.


    Bargaining: "Please Telltale, I'll buy every game you've ever made if you just let Lee live into season 2. I'll do anything. Please."

    Depression and Acceptance: Most of us are here, waiting for you to catch up.

    Lee is gone.
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