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Story writer's big mistake about infection

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Ok, whoever is watching The Walking Dead series on season 5 knows that [ SPOILER ABOUT TV SHOW ] Hershel gets a big chomp out of his leg by a zombie ( yes, he bites it off with his big teeths ) inside the jail compound and after some time, Rick cuts it off like you can do it with Lee in the game when his arm gets bitten.

Now the big mistake the writers did and expected much of the players not to notice.

Hershel survives and do not turn. Lee survives but gets all the symptoms of turning, all the same that Duck had before turning as dying as well.

Well, Iam expecting good theories because I was really puzzled by this.
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  • I forgot about that. Hershel did eventually die.
  • Lee had ALREADY PASSED OUT before they even had the idea to cut his arm off.
    Come on, it was obvious the poison had already spread throughout his body.

    I knew cutting his arm off wouldn't matter then so I didn't even bother.
    For it to have any chance of working he would have had to do it instantly after the bite.
  • Kannibal;734073 said:
    ...or scratch a part a member of your body, chomp it off right away...
    Eating your self, an effective cure against the zombie infection.
  • DanJ555;734603 said:
    Eating your self, an effective cure against the zombie infection.
    I guess chewing your infected limb off would not really help to stop the spread.
  • Blood passes through your system extremely fast, about 1500 full circulations per day. Unless they chopped off the arm within 10 seconds or so, it would have already spread from the wrist, up the arm, and into the rest of the body.
  • SabreNation;734383 said:
    I think it's kinda silly how everyone automatically assumes it worked in the TV show because Hershel is still alive right now. We're five episodes into a 16 episode season, folks and if there is anything you should've learned from that show by now it is that you should NEVER assume someone is safe.

    Something very similar happened in the comic series and it did seem to slow the turning down a little bit but the character did eventually turn and have to be put down. I'm pretty sure Hershel's character will follow the same arc in the TV series. He's gonna survive for a bit but eventually the infection will get the better of him.
    You and another poster seem to only remember parts of the comic. Hershel is more likely to follow the path of Comic Dale (and a handful of others), who survives his amputation. It's all about speed of response.
  • Rick cuts hershel's leg off almost straight away. Lee has his bite a while before they even consider cutting his arm off, so it's likely the infection has already spread.
  • It was too late...
  • The bite spreads AN infection, not the zombie virus. The zombie virus has already infected you.

    Other things that spread infection: Stepping on a rusty nail. Drinking sewer water. Cutting your arm crawling over barbed wire. All of these things could possibly turn you into a zombie.

    However the human mouth is really, really disgusting and getting bitten by a living, breathing human is not something you want to happen to you, let alone one who has been rotting for several days.
  • And adding to everything people are saying here, Lee was already feeling the effects of the bite. They consider cutting his arm off because he had fallen unconscious due to the infection, which makes it obvious it was already too late for amputation to work.
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