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Which death shocked you the most?

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Lots of death in this game, but which one were you least expecting?
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  • Flamedramon;734136 said:
    Lots of death in this game, but which one were you least expecting?
    Carley :(
  • Lee. How could the main character die? After Kirkman's comic, that was what I was least expecting. :rolleyes:
  • Carly death because it was so not expected, it just happened.
    Then Duck's death, because he was just a child.
    Lee death didn't surprised me at all, since Iam used to Walking Dead Tv Shows, Iam bound to the rule that if you get bitten, you are done, that's it, finito, adios, sayonara.
  • Carley. *Boom Headshot !*
  • Carley, I mean it happened so quickly. I didn't even see Lilly go for the gun so I was really shocked, my jaw literally dropped. Definitely one of the most memorable moments of the game for me, and I liked the build up with the argument and when Carley had a go at Lilly.
  • Honestly, Carley and Larry.

    Carley's happened so quickly and abruptly, while I thought I was going to save Larry until Kenny brought down a salt lick on his face. Seriously, at both of those I had my mouth hanging open, I couldn't believe it.
  • If answering from day 1 and how I imagined the story would play out - Lee.

    If answering from a perspective of genuine in the moment "what the fuck...?!" type shock then Carley/Doug getting shot in the face.

    If talking about a total shock to the system (and not a "surprise" type shock) - Lee. The way it happened. Clementine all alone... It's put me into an almost depressed state of being.
  • Carley for me, I'm sure nobody expect to see that coming.
  • I made the regrettable mistake of looking at the spoiler forum before Episode 3, so I saw the reaction to Carley's death.

    Damn, Sony Europe for it's slowness..
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