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Gifting a game?

posted by Nushio on - last edited - Viewed by 328 users
Hi there. I just purchased The Walking Dead as a gift for a friend, however I couldn't find a way to actually gift it to her (without giving her my username and password).

Is there a way to gift the game? I haven't actually played the game and don't mind losing access to it if it can be directed to her own account or something. (She hasn't registered here yet btw)

If there isn't a way... Could I process a refund? I think I should've gifted it via Steam instead..


It's been 2 days and no response. You guys really need to work on your customer service :-/
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    I apologize for the delay. As it was the Thanksgiving holiday when you posted your request, the office was closed.

    We can gift a game by transfering ownership from one account to another. Please send me a PM with your order number and your friends email address and I can transfer the game for you. If your friend can create an account first, that would be beneficial as it will skip the step of them needing to update a temporary password.
  • Hah, I knew the holidays would delay the customer service, but on the other hand, Black Friday / Cyber Monday are the biggest shopping holidays of the year, so I sorta expected someone to man up the Cust Service Center.

    Anyway, PMing you the details. Thanks.
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