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Quick Question About The "Moved" Thread Thing

posted by xXNinjaScoreXx on - last edited - Viewed by 441 users
What exactly is it? I've seen multiple times my own and other peoples threads saying "Moved" on the side, what exactly does it mean? Sorry If I sound stupid for not knowing, i'm just curious.
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  • Means it was merged with another thread of the same topic or moved to the right forum.
  • To elaborote a little more...

    People tend to post stuff in the general Walking Dead section (or whatever game happens to be popular at the time) when it would fit much better into another area, like the Support section.

    When that happens, we'll generally move the thread to said section, and when we do that, the forum leaves a note next to the thread in the section the thread originally was saying that we've moved it and providing a link to it, so people don't get confused and ask where their posts have gone.

    Hope that clears things up!
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