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What happens if....

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You don't show your bite wound, don't cut your arm off, and you go alone. How will Kenny, Ben, Omid, and Christa say / react to you when you faint?
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  • only then they will know you got bit.
  • That is exactly what I did!

    You get back, and Lee's sleeve is rolled up. I think Christa notices it first, and asks what it is. Lee is pretty resigned to his fate and tells them he is bitten.

    They are shocked about it, and Christa isn't happy that you hid it. They ask a few questions about it and Kenny forgives you, saying that he probably would have hid it as well.
  • Oh, alright then. I thought they'd get suspicious of you when you faint, and you could say "It's cause of Clem, I'm so worried about her" But oh well.
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