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Whats wrong with my Order Number?

posted by T4iFooN on - last edited - Viewed by 552 users
Hey guys!
I wanna know what's wrong with my Order Number of the whole Season One?
After playing all Episodes from 101 - 201 in English and 101 - 106 in German I wanted to purchase for the Season One Bonus Disc.
But when I'm trying to type in my Order Number it says it would be an "Invalid Number". But when I try to find my order, then the Number works. :confused:
So now I don't know what to do. Isn't my Number "able" to purchase for the Bonus Disc or whats wrong?

Thanks for help!
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  • Hi there! If you write [email][/email] with your order number, we'll happily fix what's wrong for you.
  • Ok, thank you!
    And thanks for moving :D.
  • Hi, I'm experiencing the same kind of problem.
    I purchased the entire first season of SAM & MAX (Dec 31, 2007) and can't activate the product. Some forums say that the downloads should be SELF activated, but no matter where I download the file from, (findmyorder or telltale) I STILL get the screen asking me to enter an order number and password!
    I uninstalled, reinstalled, and it's NOT allowing me to play the full game!
    I've already e-mailed [email][/email] on Dec 31. Are you guys on vacation?
  • sosmad - please see the private message I just sent you. I did email you yesterday with the info you need but it sounds like it didn't reach you.
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