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*spoilers*The Walking Dead 2 Hopes!!!*spoilers*

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Just finished the game.OH.MY.GOD. well...i guess im sad that Lee dies. but im happy that Clem continues on. i was having my doubts... who else thinks that the opening for the next game will start with a Badass,Teenage Double pistol toting Clemintine at her tricked out hideout cleaning her guns! with her signature "D" hat of course! i would love to play as grownup clementine I think it would be a great place to start from.:D
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  • impossible, that means clem survived atleast 4 years in this harch environment. not happening. even the comics timeline has only gone 1year.

    also i dont want this game being turned into Wet or tomb raider Zzzzzzzz

    allround horrible suggestions.
  • short_stack;734508 said:
    even the comics timeline has only gone 1year.
    2 years during the Alexandria arc. But yeah, teenage Clem is both a bad idea and impossible.
  • Well at most clem would be 10.5 years old or so, so yeah...
    But hey, carl's become pretty badass and he's the same age as clem. :P
    But nowhere near an adult still. Too bad the comic only comes out once/month. Probably only a month will pass in the comics by the time season 2 is fully developed. x_x
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