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Why is everyone so quick to kill a person before they turn?

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This has always been a big question to me in TWD universe. Every single time someone gets bitten, they never wait until the person turns to kill them, always right before when they're really weak and showing symptoms but not a full on walker yet, like in lee and ducks case ( and that other guy in the comics who was bitten/amputated but they killed him when they thought he was turning)

So what if that's the grand irony of TWD? getting bitten doesn't actually make you turn, just deathly sick but it survivable, and people have just been acting too soon?

that actually would be a nice twist if you asked me
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  • Because it's easier to kill someone while they're alive, and have little chance of going on a biting spree... than after they turn?
  • To answer your question of why, it's because they don't want to see their friends and family become monsters.

    And being bitten doesn't necessarily make people turn or becoming sick for that matter.

    When they die with their brain intact, they reanimate regardless. So they do not just put you out of your misery just before you turn.

    If you die from anything other than a zombie bite or scratch, they'll destroy your brain anyway.
  • getting bit does make you turn, if you do ellipsis to kenny when katjaa tells you to go get him, duck turns into a walker(non-canon) and you can make a choice at the end to let clementine shoot lee or let him turn into a walker

    they try to let them survive as long as possible, and then put them down after they are showing the symptoms so they won't take any risk
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