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Other emotionally powerful games?

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After finish ep.5, I can safely say that TWD is one of my favorite games. The story was incredible but what really made it for me was how the game made me care for the amazing characters they created. The game had me screaming at my TV at some points, when really its just a bunch of pixels saying and doing some shit. But i wanted to know what other games, if there are, you've played, are like this one in the sense you really care about the characters and the game hurls you through a bundle of emotions, and whether or not they match TWD ?
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  • Red Dead Redemption for me, to me the ending with John Marston sacrificing himself to save his family got me to tear up just a tad bit. The second ending ending of Jack getting revenge on Edgar Ross had me cheering.

    The most earliest example was Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation, the ending had me on edge and thinking Lara is dead was a shocker.
  • There has never been a charecter loved like Clem
  • I think Heavy Rain fits into that category.

    Any game involving non-bratty children being put in danger or worse usually tugs at the heart strings.

    Don't know if you'll find it as emotionally riveting as TWD, but still worth a try.
  • Nah, there is no games like The Walking Dead, mate. This is the best out there.
  • To The Moon. Its a great game and very sad (in a good kind of way)
  • Heavy Rain made it for me. This is the 2nd game i play this Gen that effects me like this. Each game have its own way.
  • The only other game that I felt the same amount of emotion for the characters and story as I did The Walking Dead was in Mass Effect 3. Having played all three games in the trilogy, I'd really gotten to know and care about the characters, and some of the conversations Shepard can have with his friends for the last time really tug on the heart strings.

    The Walking Dead really nailed it. It's without a doubt in the top three of my all time favorite games. Such emotion and care to the story. Sure there were some plot holes, but I can look past those.
  • The first Silent Hill.

    I'll second Red Dead Redemption too.
  • The walking dead is the only game I have played which had me emotionally attached. It is very unique and I have never played anything like it. I think the walking dead is the best emotionally powerful game, others aren't compared to this.
  • Red Dead Redemption almost got me. It almost got me.

    That's really been the only game to come close to making me feel as strongly as TWD did. Maybe Dragon Age: Origins' final speeches, they were sad but they weren't heartbreaking. Lee and Clem's story will take a lot to be beaten.
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