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Most emotional moment from the whole series?

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Hello there,

I was interested to know what moment from the whole first series was the strongest for you and why?

There were many strong moments and just the fact that it makes me feel something is enough to know this game is really well done. I can only name a couple games where I felt attached to the characters and really cared about them like this.

For me, I probably have to go with the moment when Duck is about to die and you have to talk to Kenny about stopping the train. We knew Duck was about to die almost whole episode and the atmosphere was built so well. Also the music made it even more sad. When I was walking on the train towards Kenny I knew it will not be an easy discussion. When he simply refused anything bad about Duck at first (even though he does know he is dying) I really felt bad for him even though we had our moments. But I was also pretty proud to manage and talk him down calmly, without fighting him. It even made our relationship better I think.

Interested to hear your moments.
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  • I'll qualify this to start by saying I'm quite an emotional man. This game didn't touch me emotionally much until Episode 5. The final few moments with Clem made me well up. It wasn't the story as such as they were animated characters, it was more the emotions it stirs up in yourself. anyone who has lost somebody or cared for somebody enough to understand that longing, knows how it feels to be torn away. that played on those memories. very good!

    I was intrigued by the ending though..Clem seeing two people (I think we're supposed to assume Christa and Omid, but I doubt it somehow) on the we go episode 2.
  • That moment when Mark was crawling on the ground at the farm and when we found out they are cannibals, just when we were about to eat dinner.... and the whole part left of that episode after it.... That atmosphere there was just so tense and everything that happened... it teared my nerves apart...
  • It's kind of a toss up for me between three scenes, either when Carly dies, when Andy grabs Clem by the hair, or when Lee was saying goodbye to Clem. The first two made me act with my heart. There was no thinking in the responses that came up I was furious and knew what I wanted to do even before the choices came up. When Lee was saying goodbye though, Clem said "Don't leave me" he voice broke just a bit and I lost it. That was probably the hardest part of the game for me to play through. The other parts really showed me strength of emotions I didn't know I could have and least of all about characters in a video game but the last scene with Clem and Lee was a more lasting emotion.
    I have some minor issues with episode 5 but the ending sequence was spot on from being reunited with Clem till she leaves you very emotional.
  • For me was Episode 3, when Lilly left in the RV. I was kind of sweet on her because she was so hard core and felt that if anyone would keep the team alive it was her. Even after she killed Carley I let her back in the RV with us. I was all thinking, "hey her dad is dead now, time for Lee to put the moves on her". So when she said come with me I was "hell yeah", then I watched her drive away. :(

    Totally :D

    Lee's final moments, when he got all ill'ish and started talking in his death deep voice.. that was really touching.
  • I'm just worried that season 2 won't be as good, they raised the bar so high...not sure how they can top what they did in this season.

    The game made millions of dollars. Compared to others, Telltale is a small company. The next game will most likely have better scenarios, more choices, and of course, more outcomes and branching storylines. It might not be as emotional as Lee and Clem's story, but it'll be a hell of a ride. I bet you.
  • Lee trying to get up in the last scene... You could really see the man try, just for her sake, knowing that it was the end and he couldn't go on.
  • 1. Clem saying goodbyes and Lee dying. I cried my eyes out ;_;
    2. Ben/Kenny death. Christa scene was not emotional. Ben-haters missed out a lot. That's what you get for hating on Ben D:<
  • Lee saying I'll miss you to Clementine in the End. I cried so much :(
  • Lee getting ready to die :(
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    Wow, Im impressed by all of the replies here, as well as the tiny details in many of them. From reading all this I can see that we really enjoyed this amazing game.

    I pretty much agree with all of the moments mentioned here as they are all really done well enough to make us care. There is like two or three games ever that made me care about the characters so yeah.

    I seriously cannot wait for season 2 as it should be even better or at least as good as the first, judging by the astonishing success the first season was.
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