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SamMax10x.exe Has encountered a problem

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Well, i've been browsing and troubleshooting this for about 3 days now - I got it to work. once. now i keep coming back to the same error. allow me to go through a few of the things I have attempted in hope of fixing this.

1. Downloaded SamMaxSeason1_SecurROM_1.0_TAC. (I have the 2-disc version)
2. Removed Daemon tools
3. Removed extranious CD burner (Only one drive attached now)
4. Ripped CD Drivers (and ghosts)
5. Reset Bios
6. Updated Video drivers
7. Updated Directx
8. Reinstalled the game and patch many times throughout the process.

My system specs are;

Pentium IV 2.8 Ghz
1.0gb of ram
Radeon 9550 256mb GFX
Creative SB sound
WinXP Home SP2
DX9.0c - I Downloaded 10 but it stated that I already have equivalent software and would not install.

P.S. The error occurs AFTER the spinning disc comes up.

Thank you for your time.
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    Two things for you to try.

    1) Updating your CD drive firmware.

    This would be the next thing I'd have you try. I'd point to the location of any firmware updates, but I need to know the exact make and model of that particular CD/DVD drive. Here's how to get the make/model of your optical disk drives:

    1) Locate the 'My Computer' icon. This icon will be located either on your desktop, or in the Start menu.
    2) Right-Click on the 'My Computer' icon and select 'Manage'.
    3) On the left-side of the 'Computer Management' window, click on 'Device Manager'.
    4) On the right-side of the window, you will find a number of objects attached to your computer. Find the 'DVD/CD-ROM drives' section and click on the + sign next to it.
    5) A list of all the DVD/CD-ROM drives will appear.

    You can Google for the firmware updates by the manufacture of the drive[s] and then look at their support pages for any firmware updates. Or wait for me to help you with direct links after you post the names of these drives.

    2) The 'Real' DirectX Installer

    DirectX 10 is only for Vista and Microsoft makes their instructions rather confusing for Windows XP users. What you need is the DirectX Web Installer which updates your DirectX 9.0c to the latest version of 9.0c. Yes, there are hidden version updates to DirectX 9.0c. Yes, this is extremely annoying for everyone and I wish Microsoft would just update the version number properly. But running this version should clean up and update your DirectX 9.0c for your computer.
  • Ok, I updated my firmware and am still having the same issue. I also checked DX and I am running the correct version.

    Kinda off the track, but I also downloaded the web demo just to see if it was an issue of compatibility with the CD drive or the whole computer and it worked, which leaves me with the CD drive, I tried it with both my CD and my DVD drives - neither of which work.

    What I am most confused about is why it worked once - It allowed Episode one to play fully, then when it was complete, froze and after that it was the same issue all over again.
  • I have internet again! Ok, on to the problem... Since you seem to have tried everything else, have you tried copying the entire contents of the discs onto your hard drive and then installing from there? It is a bit of a longshot, but removing the cd drive from as many steps as possible might help.
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    What kind of CD/DVD drive do you have? (e.g.: CD/CD-R/DVD)
    Is the UDMA setting on your drive on/off?
    What kind of Antivirus and file monitoring applications (Anti-spyware, etc) do you have installed (if any)?
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