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Monkey Island! Bring It Back!

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omg i miss that game so much, grew up with it since the secret of MI. and never used a walthrough site once. i love the puzzzzzzzzles. grew up with that whole lucasart adventure genre , all except the indiana jones. eff lucas art for killing my dreams and im sure a thousand more. asses, but now we have telltalegames. and hopefully they'll do us all a favor and BRING BACK MONKEY ISLAND PLEASEEEEEEEE! in non episodic sequences of course <3 have a happy new years guys :cool:
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  • Soultaker;49753 said:
    Obviously it's not something that you want to have in a pure adventure game, but I think mixing the combat with adventure elements worked well in the Monkey Island games. Monkey Kombat is not so different from the usual insult sword fighting: even if you remember all the insults and responses, you still have to fight numerous pirates to relearn them, because otherwise they don't appear as dialog options. The only difference is that Monkey Kombat requires you to manually write down the correct sequences because there are too many to remember them.
    The problem is though, it didn't have the wit or humour of either of the swordfighting sections from the others.
    It was just standing in a pose and making monkey noises. Repeatedly.

    I didn't have to write them down though, there was a button which brought up a diagram showing how it worked. I was using the PS2 version though, so I don't know if things are different for the PC.
  • Yeah, they added the diagram to the PS2 version to make it less horrible.
  • I knew I had some kind of smart reason for buying the PS2 version. :cool:
  • Now that Ron Gilbert's creative director at Hothead games, maybe people will nag HIM to make a new Monkey Island game (not Telltale), after all it's his baby.

    Also, I direct all the people who hope that the classic LucasArts adventure games one day are resurrected to read this;

    Dan Connors of Telltale Games quoted from this Game Informer article;
    GI: A lot of those LucasArts franchises are still very popular – you spoke about Day of the Tentacle. Is there a chance you’ll be able to wrangle a few more of those away for more episodes? Are you working on that at all?

    Dan Connors: It’s definitely on our minds and it’s definitely something we think about. Maybe I can give you more information a while from now. It’s definitely something that makes good sense to everybody. For them it’s the same thing. For them it’s "What’s the business model? What’s the retail model?" It’s not their type of game – it’s not Star Wars, it’s not with the movie, with the lightsaber – an action game. When trying to do the two things at the same time it makes it challenging. They’ve been trying to figure out the right solution, and hopefully Telltale is part of it.
  • jp-30;50142 said:
    Now that Ron Gilbert's creative director at Hothead games, maybe people will nag HIM to make a new Monkey Island game (not Telltale), after all it's his baby.
    Mmm... if he could steal the licence from LucasArts, perhaps there'd be a chance! Imagine DOTT2 & MI5... :D
  • DOTT was Schafer & Grossman, wasn't it?
  • jp-30;50186 said:
    DOTT was Schafer & Grossman, wasn't it?
  • How about maniac mansion 3, sequel to "day of the tentacle"... oh wait.. Lucas arts..
    We're on vicious circle.. noooooooooooooo....
  • Is it possible to do some loose or unofficial spinoff to "Day of the tentacle," much like how the movie "Soldier" was a loose or unofficial spinoff to Blade Runner? I mean, if a story was so loose to MMI or DOTT, would there be a lawsuit from Lucasarts?

    In other words, if Telltale or any other adventure gaming company out there dicides to make a game that starred one of the obscure playable characters in MMI (particularly one with a common name) and revamped him/her like Lucasarts did with BErnard, to the point where he doesn't look like his MMI counterpart, wouldn't that be legal as long as their is a brief reference to the others games or none at now?

    For instance, couldn't a company name their character Michael, Wendy, or Jeff but with a new look and no real connection to the previous games other than having a brief mention like "I remember breaking into this one manaic's house who was possessed by some rock" or something?
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