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Did anybody notice this?

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I shat bricks.

As a request to Pickles312, Here is the complete timeline of the car :

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  • wow amazing now they def have to have something like this for season 2. Like Clem doing something that has a reaction in the last episode or whoever the main hero is....
  • very cool pictures, i just want to know why he left his car the way he did :(
  • thestalkinghead;736102 said:
    very cool pictures, i just want to know why he left his car the way he did :(
    He and his family were looking for his missing son(which I think the St John's must of caught and eaten) and when they came back their supplies had been stolen.

    Lee stayed silent in the Duck situation because I felt that since it was Kenny's child he should have the final say and I didn't want Lee influencing or pushing him either way,if he had given Lee the gun and asked him to shoot Duck I would of chosen to do it.For me, Lee acted in self defence when shooting the 3 or 5 bandits who were attacking the motel and I considered that situation similar to a soldier in a war zone rather than actual murder.Danny St John was immobilized in a bear trap and beating up Andy was enough for me(Personally, I thought sparing Andy was a harder choice since he was still mobile)

    Lastly, I agree with Rock114 that Lee killing walkers isn't the same as murdering/killing a person.
    You may think my reasons and justifications are completely crazy and wrong but that's what I like about this game.Players have their own reasons and justifications for choosing what they feel is right and that for me shows that the choices in this game did actually matter.
  • Amazing find! Adds a bit of foreshadowing. Campman storyline was still terrible, though.
  • Honestly, I'm not really surprised, its probably just a reused mesh. But if Telltale did this on purpose I'd be extremely impressed.
  • Dildor;735250 said:
    Telltale really knew what they were doing from the beginning. :O
    Yeah funny that :)
  • good deceive work.

    Now lets find Lee's wife!
  • Wow. It's awesome to see they planned it from the beginning
  • i wasn't jumping on the 'op' i was pointing out to the 'people' who didn't notice it was the same car we looted/didn't loot and therefore the owner of the car being the person who kidnapped clem..

    so imo it you anti milo people who need to re read stuff...

    also insults are not allowed so watch it...
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