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Sam & Max mentioned in article about the writer's strike

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I thought this was cool:

The very first thing you see in the article is a screenshot of Ice Station Santa. It's great to see the games getting such widespread attention!
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  • Computer games, writers in TV and writers in computer games are the three things I feel deserve a lot more attention. And here they all are, in glorious symbiosis. Oh happy, happy day.
  • Interestin that they put S&M on the article even though it does make sense, seeing how the game is episodic like a television series. This is actually good for Telltale as it will have more ppl exposed to S&M during a time like the writer's strike, especially how the article mentions the game series as popular.
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    Not to mention the exposure for TT having Dan Connors (Telltale' CEO) talking about it.
    Dan Connors said:

    "My hope is that people who are used to watching new programming on TV discover gaming as an entertainment alternative," says Connors. "Obviously, it will have to be a pretty prolonged strike for that to happen, but I think it's a definite possibility."

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