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I can't even complete this game...

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Warning: Rant ahead

So I'm a huge fan of TWD, having read the comics and watch the TV show. It's no surprise I'd be interested in a TWD video game. Buying the game on PC for $25 for 5 episodes seemed like a must have at the time.

Little did I know, the $25 I just spent didn't actually mean I'd even be able to complete the full series without my choices messing up, but that I'd spent hours trying to fix these problems only to have them occur every playthrough and not even have the capability to get to episode 4 before my save file goes completely crazy and literally fucks up all my choices.

I've restarted this game so many times I've lost track. I've searched tirelessly though forum posts about my issues and found fixes and they did work, for about an episode. If I ever have to stop the game in the middle of an episode, I might as well kiss that sweet save goodbye because that thing is inevitably fucking up. I have about 40 hours logged onto this game at the moment on Steam and I have yet to even get to episode 4, Just to give you an idea of how many times I've replayed the first few episodes hoping that playthough is the one I'd finally be able to complete the game on.

I can't help but feel robbed that a game I was forced to buy all 5 episodes up front, don't even work with each other for me and that TellTale even knows about these issues and have yet to fix them. I guess there is nothing I can do, but hope TellTale fixes these issues and I can actually complete this game without taking hours out of my time trying to fix this damn game. I guess this experience isn't a complete loss. I at least come away knowing to never buy an episodic game again, or at least one from TellTale games.
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  • Hey :)

    same situation here.... it seems that telltale is not able to program a game without messing up... Nobody is able to build a bug free game? Yes! But messing up with episode releases and save games is quite sad for a game that is built on that...
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