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PC Save File Issues

posted by Big Smile Lee on - last edited - Viewed by 366 users
Hello community people, this is my fist telltale game and I LOVE it so far, totally refreshing to see a character driven game and a child in a videogame that actually isn't annoying (no seriously, 100% props to the guys at telltale on clementine, really a privilege to be her fatherly figure in the game). Regardless, what troubles me is as such.

I've been playing through seasons 1-4 thus far in my excursion through the story and all of a sudden as I finish season 3 and begin the fourth the game crashes. No big deal to me, I'll just restart it. Upon doing so however the resolution and fullscreen settings had been altered and my save files were missing (prompting me as in the start of the game to make a new save file).

This is seriously troubling to me as I've put a great deal of effort into building my character and growing in relationships with the other characters for literally hours on end (thanksgiving break :D) and it's horrid to see all that go to waste.

The most peculiar aspect of this however is that all my save files (upon looking for them in the telltale save directory) are fully in-tact and available. Therefore, in short, wtf?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I'd really hate to randomize the hard work I've put into this game.
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