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Walking Dead Season Pass crashed?

posted by hastingsgames on - last edited - Viewed by 391 users
Bought season pass for ep1, played all the way through 1-3 and part of 4, logged in to finish it today and I'm stuck in the ep1 demo. "Activate ep1" takes me to ps store to by it for [not free].

I know my season pass is active because I have been using to unlock each episode, and the game screen shows 2-4 are installed but still stuck in the ep1 demo all of a sudden and my download history only has the premium theme and eps2-4, and ep5 which I'm downloading right now.
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  • I could live with losing my save spot, having to go through the whole story again, but how the heck did I get stuck back into the demo?
  • Literally can't get to my current episodes bc the game is acting like i never got ep1. Ep1 and the Season Pass are showing in the store as costing money. This is money already paid what's happening??
  • Ok I found out it's a total BS glitch that people who got Ep1 on Playstation+ are having to "re"buy it. I paid for the season pass (1-5 NOT 2-5) and now I'm buying ep1 again. Total BS, you need to send me something for free now. I am very unhappy.
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    If you downloaded the game for free when you had PS+, and then let your account expire, all games tied to that PS+ membership will no longer be available. If you purchased the Season Pass, you can uninstall Episode one, and then reinstall the game and unlock key. Your saves should not be affected by this process. You will not need to buy Episode 1 again.

    If you have any questions about how the Instant Game Collection works on PS+, or any billing inquiries, please contact Sony Support.
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