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What was your first death for Lee in the series?

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The first time any game character I control dies in a game, a little bit of the edge of a game comes off since every death after that is just another death. So if we pretend the first time Lee died in your game is as far as he (you) got in the zombie Apoc. as written by Telltale, when was it?

Mine came after killing Larry in the storage room and escaping. When I peeked out of the stall door in the barn and saw the brother with a shotgun in my face I just froze, thought, "Oh crap", then, BLAMO.
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  • I had to think back a while, but that's the same for me too.. I totally froze at that moment as well.

    My only other death I can recall was at the damn train station. I must have died like 10-15 times in a row trying to get passed those two walkers to get the bar (i think it was).
  • Guess I was getting lucking up until then. But for me it was the fight with Kenny. He said down after we got in each others face but did not start fighting yet. Then I just did not like the options so I chose to be silent, next thing I know he kicked me out of the front cabin and locks the door. I walk back and the box car is covered in blood, clementines hat on the ground. Then Duck came out and attacked me throwing me off the train with him. Guess that was game over for everyone but Kenny right there.
  • I died in the train station with clem 3 times... fucking look at wrench look at wrench dead
  • In the "SURVIVORS INSIDE" shack near the train tracks. Clem hands me the keys, I point the gun at the walker, the cursor is too sensitive and can't click on his head, it kills me right there. It's actually kind of hard because you don't have a lot of time to shoot him.
  • By Danny shooting me. Lol, I didn't even realise it was a shotgun/rifle (whatever it was) at first (hope I never actually see one from that angle xd) Then I froze a little when I looked along it, and saw his face.
  • The one where we went inside the trainstation in Episode 3 and the first two walkers appeared. I was too slow to grab my melee weapon, so they got me.
  • At the end of Ep5... seriously
  • In the barn, by a Shotgun. I just froze when i saw him holding it to my face.
  • I think... the babysitter <.<... I was new to the game and I freaked out, lol... Or maybe it was in EP2, when David parker dies and comes back.
  • Pretty sure it was back at the motor inn while saving Irene. The earliest death I remember though is Danny shooting me.
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