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Back up episode ios

posted by Frize on - last edited - Viewed by 255 users
Hello , i'm just finished all episodes of TWD, so i don't play it again for a while, but know i'm running out of space, all TWD data takes 2,3 GB from my ipad 3 (16GB), the question is
If i delete the TWD, and reinstall it to my ipad, do i have to download the episode 2-5 again? It really take much time
Any solution?

Sorry for my english
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  • If u download a program called iFunbox on yr PC / Mac you can extract the iPa file out . An iPa file is the installation file for the game. U can also extract all the episodes out by copying all the files from the walking dead app.
  • Thanks to response my question.
    But how to extract it? Just copy TWD folder?
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