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Was anyone else annoyed there still wasn't an option to tell the others about his death
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  • Yeah, EVERYBODY forgot about Chuck.
  • That was pretty lame. I know he's not a main character but seriously you'd think someone else besides Lee would give a damn about his hobro! He saved Clemie-Clem!
  • Well, I can't really say anything, I forgot about him as quickly as everyone else.
  • I didn't like this much, either. He only got 3 lines of new dialogue, then he's tossed aside and forgotten as if he were a used tissue. I understand sudden death and not getting to know people in the zombie apocalypse, but come on! :(

    He gave Lee advice so a situation like his wouldn't happen, but alas, he still gave his life for Clementine. Requiescat in pace, good sir.

    Also.... is it me or did the guy who voiced Chuck voice the radioman in episode 4? The voice is obviously different and i recall seeing two lines in the credits, one listing "radio voice" and another name directly beneath it was listed for "stranger". I didn't pay attention sadly as i was drowning with emotions, but it sounded a lot like Chuck.
  • Lol i have a friend named chuck but he acts more like ben:)
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