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    Lilly accused the right person though.
    Oh that's right, she did accuse the right person... only after she already accused two wrong people.


    "If you don't find anything, I'm just going to assume that it was you."

    and then Carley:

    "So Carley, is there something you want to say?"

    Carley agreed that the traitor should be dealt with but in a more civil manner, Lilly was, as Carley put it "torturing him" needlessly.
    She shouldn't though. Lilly was armed and ready to kill and Carley decided to tell her off then instead of... when she wasn't armed and ready to kill. That is the sole reason Carley died.
    How was Carley suppose to know Lilly was "armed and ready to kill." Although Carley hadn't liked Lilly, there had to be some trust there. I mean if Kenny could trust Lilly, then I bet you Carley, someone who's more compassionate and has been with Lilly longer, would.

    "I have my problems with Lilly but I don't distrust her."

    There's no way she'd expect Lilly to shoot her over an insult.
    Maybe because Carley's family didn't get killed by a member of the exact group you are in, and in such a gruesome way. Anyone would snap from that.
    Carley didn't know what happened in the meat locker, no one did. She didn't know she'd be so prone to snap so hard 'cause she didn't know what happened.

    "What happened in the meat locker anyways?"

    Anyone would snap, yes, they probably wouldn't be able to trust anyone. But Lilly straight out killed someone over it, someone who had nothing to do with the meat locker incident over an insult and a baseless / wrong suspicion.
    She seemed to be doing a pretty good job to me.
    Well, she is the one who snapped and killed an innocent person in the process.
    "Someone just let bandits into our base and now we are stranded in an RV" isn't exactly bitching, it's called "figuring out who needs justice" and she did figure out who it was. Carley decided to but in and make Lilly think it was her.
    "Tell me! NOW!"
    "Ben! You have until that walker is dealt with to tell me it was HER and not YOU!"

    She was dealing it irrationally, they should have dealt with it in a similar fashion as Carley suggested.

    "We need to look at the facts. We'll calm down, eat, and then deal with it."

    But no, instead Lilly decides to just scream at everyone and then execute someone randomly. And yes, she was going to shoot someone regardless of what Carley said, if you saved Doug she still tries to kill Ben.

    And she always did suspect Carley because "[she's] always so eager to see what supplies we got" (amazing logic by the way, Lilly!). And nothing Carley said would make it seem like she did anything, all she did was plead for her to stop torturing Ben. She gave that oh so famous line of hers because she got impatient, as anyone would in the situation because Lilly is stubborn and wouldn't listen to anything anyone was saying.

    Lilly's logic:

    "Okay so Carley is defending Ben and she called me a bitch... SHE MUST HAVE DONE IT! DIE TRAITOR!"

    Let's face it, Lilly killed Carley not because Carley gave any evidence that she may have committed the crime, she suspect her / killed her simply because she didn't like her.
    Says the person that just went into paragraphs defended a fake person who died due to pissing off the person with the gun, and forgetting batteries, and wasting ammo constantly, and telling a convicted killer she knows nothing about that she knows who he is, and dear god the list goes on :p
    Says the person who also went into paragraphs defending a character who killed another character over an insult. An insult. I liked Lilly, a lot, but what she did to Carley was ridiculous and there's no good defense to what she did.
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    Yeah, Lilly did think about thinks pretty hastily, and always kept grudges.
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    I think Doug's boobs were bigger than Carley's.

    in episode 1 Carleys r bigger, but in episode 2 they got a lot smaller for some reason >.>
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