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Carley & Doug: Easy & Hard Mode

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I realized that the game is "better" in a sense when Carley is around, and that Episode 2 and 3 are easier because of her. My reasons?

Carley: Easy mode
-In Episode 2, you get attacked by an undead Travis/David. With Carley around, she will shoot the walker in the head
-In Episode 3, you get the chance to interact with Carley to the point where she can give you a kiss on the cheek, lifting your hopes and spirits.
-In the bandit raid in Episode 3, when the walkers begin to attack, Carley will assist you in taking them out.
-In Episode 3, she also gives you the chance to tell the others about your past, which makes them respect you more.

Doug: Hard mode
-In Episode 2, you get attacked by an undead Travis/David. With Doug around, he will attempt to hit the walker in the head with a plank of wood. It doesn't have much affect and you have to deal with it yourself until Larry/Mark takes it out.
-In Episode 3, you get the chance to interact with Doug. He will tell you that he feels completely useless, which in my case, made me kind of sad.
-In Episode 3, when the bandits raid, Doug will warn you about the incoming walkers, and not wanting to waste any bullets, stays in the RV. That leaves Lee to take them out.
-You saved Doug. He doesn't know about your past. Therefore everybody is taken by surprise when Lilly rats you out.

I feel like Telltale unintentionally made the game harder for those who picked Doug. Funny thing is, most people picked Carley.
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  • CalDW19940 wrote: »
    Remember this same person with the gun couldn't figure out how batteries worked :L

    Thing is a tech guy like Doug would be useful for hotwiring cars or helping to set up small circuit grids for supplying power to an area or a house your fortified in and you can always teach someone how to shoot but you can't teach someone how to use a lot of tech.

    I think of it more as a lot of players in the heat of the moment chose Carly because
    1. She's a women, women and children first probably kicked in.
    2. She has a gun which was more likely to help your situation to get out of the pharmacy.
    3. She could have possibly saved Doug afterwards.

    People more likely saved her for those options at the time but in retrospect Doug would have been a more useful member to the group later but at the time no one thought
    "Hmm I wonder if Doug would be more useful later on IF we get out of here alive" what a lot of players thought was
    "Hmm I wonder who is more likely TO GET us out of here alive, unarmed guy trapped by 3 zombies or an armed girl only being held by 1."

    Carley also new about Lee's past which gets more to save her, also she is more noticable than Doug, Doug barley talks. She saved multiple lifes in the little time we saw her. and episode 2 is actually harder during some points with Doug rather than Carley, same 4 episode 3.
  • I still find it somewhat dumb how you can't be like "Clem, get Carley her purse!".
  • That1Guy wrote: »
    I still find it somewhat dumb how you can't be like "Clem, get Carley her purse!".

    This is my problem with a lot of choices in games, not just The Walking Dead. They don't take into account things players think up.

    Spec Ops: The Line is a good example of this. There's one scene where you're told, plain as day, to pick between shooting one of two prisoners or they both die. Though the game never tells you it, you can shoot the snipers, you can shoot the ropes, you can walk past, that sort of thing. Extra Creditz's episode on the game pointed out developers should make the scene, then play it as if they were the person with the controller and consider all the different variables they might think up in that situation.

    The game never really takes into account variables. What if you saved one quick enough you could reach the other? What if you could toss Carley her ammo, then grab Doug? What if Carley has a revelation she can just stamp on the bloody thing and Doug needs more help? I understand they don't want a "Golden Choice" that always leads to the best outcome, but still...
  • I think Carley enhanced the story a bit more than Doug did. Come on now, who doesn't like romance? The tragedy became bigger when Lily shot Carley because there was a connection between her and Lee. She could've been a mother figure for Clem had not Lily shot her in the face.
  • LOL.

    I liked Carley a lot more then Doug.

    That's so hilarious xD

    Carley also defends Ben x10 more and calls Lilly a scared little girl, and that she needs to get the fuck over it. That made me laugh my ass off.

    Doug defends Ben to the point where he sacrafices his own life to save him

    I think that is 100X more
  • All hail Doug.
    I'd like to see a billboard with "SAVE DOUG" On it.
  • Merc wrote: »
    And where exactly would one get multiple books providing tech know-how during an Apocalypse?

    And, I mean, look at him! He's like a rolly-polly! Who wouldn't pick the guy? :)

    Apparently 70-80% of the people playing the game.
  • Apparently 70-80% of the people playing the game.

    Beat me to it :D
  • Pickles312 wrote: »
    F. ? Carley stands up for herself and another person by standing up to Lilly, something Doug could have never done.

    Actually Doug did. His death was because he SAVED BEN'S LIFE! Lilly pulled the gun at him and Doug dove straight at Ben to push him out of the way and died from the stray bullet. He sacrificed his life to save another, something Carley never did.

    In fact, she makes someone else die for her because she is too lazy to kick a zombie.
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