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Was This Game Worth The $$ to You??

posted by SouthWardRB on - last edited - Viewed by 826 users
This is the best 20$ I ever spent.
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  • Easily, my one and only complaint was the episodic release , next go round I will put on blinders until I can buy the whole game at once.
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    fusedmass BANNED
    I paid 28 dollars. It is much better then certain games I bought at 60 dollars. I think this whole putting price low on the game was a great outcome leading to even more games sold then if they would charged 59 dollars.
  • for only 25 bucks i think its worth it, iv played other games that i only played for around the length of the five episodes and it costed much more and just didnt deliver as good(cough, mass effect 3,cough).
  • Bought it twice, on steam and 360. No regrets.
  • Liked it so much I got it for my 360 (as it was being released via episode) and then pre-ordered the collector's edition of the disc release (also 360)
  • I bought it when it was on sale :D
    The gap between episodes kinda make me unpatient though.
    but the game itself and everything was worth my money. ^-^
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    Jennifer Moderator
    slough;736954 said:
    Bought it twice, on steam and 360. No regrets.
    Same here, on both accounts. It actually exceeded my expectations, since it was actually much better than I expected it to be. :)
  • For the amount of time I've put into it, this game was a steal at $25. My steam count just clocked it's 60th hour, I think. :P

    I have it on my 360 too!
  • ha lol anyone who payed more than 20 dollars got burned
  • Bought it twice, once on ps3 for $15 (1st 2 were free on plus) and once on steam to take screenshots, and because I love the game a lot. If I didn't already have issues 1-48, I probably would've gotten that collectors edition too.
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