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What was your opinion on Lilly?

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Obviously there's been sides taken ever since the scene in the meat locker.
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  • Doctanian;737496 said:
    Probably one of the best written characters in the game. Terrific voice actress. Really hoped Lee would've had more adventures with her.
    I enjoyed all the characters but I think Lilly and Kenny are the ones that interested me the most,I wish Lilly had lasted longer in the game.Since she's the only original survivor(possibly)still out there(excluding Clem) I'd like to see her again one day.
  • "Obviously, I have my problems with her."

    Lilly was a great character, and while she DID do a few things right (the rationing and her seperate count of supplies were both smart) she just seemed to be all about control to me. She would never to anything to intentionally hurt the group, and like it's been said before, she and Kenny are pretty much flip sides of the same coin. Staying at the motor inn before the dairy was probably the right choice, but as soon as the group saw Jolene's tape they should have been making preparations to get the hell out of dodge. But Lilly insisted on staying when Macon was running dry on supplies, and the motel had been getting attacked by bandits almost on a regular basis. If they had left sooner, Katjaa, Duck, and Carley/Doug would all be alive. I'm not trying to blame their deaths on her, but staying at the motel is at the least part of the reason those three died.

    She seemed like a total hypocrite at the car though (even though most characters have at least one or two of those moments) when she said not to take the food. She said earlier that Episode, and I quote: "We have to focus on OUR group, OUR needs, right here, right NOW! We are not respnsible for every struggling survivor we come across." Well Lilly, the group you put yourself in charge of is currently starving to death! A week's rations left, and you want to abandon a carload of supplies? Food, water, antibiotics and the like? Since nobody knew Campman and his family were alive, the car's lights were on and it was out of gas it was safe to assume that the owners were dead. Her rant about ruining their lives by taking the supplies was just not her at all, since she advocated leaving 5 people, 2 of them children, to die in the first Episode as well as Ben and David/Travis at the start of 2.

    Other than the stuff in that unnecessary rant, she's ok I guess.
  • She scares the shit out of me. She is a paranoid psycho, but before Larry's death, she was ok. I understand why Ben didn't tel the group about the bandits.
  • She had guts. I obviously have my problem with her murdering Carley, but she was an awesome character. I wonder how episodes 4 and 5 would be changed if she was still in the group.
  • Dildor;737136 said:
    Lilly made them stay at the Motel longer when Kenny wanted to leave. The bandits knew they were there, but still she thought it was a good idea to stay until they hopped the fence and attacked. Yeah, THEN it's a good idea to leave.
    That's what I thought too. I wouldn't want to stay at a place where a bunch of A-holes would know where to hit us. I think they should've left the motor inn right after seeing the video Jolene made.
  • She reminded me of two females bosses I had in the past: loud, abrasive, ball busters. (thank God I don't have balls!) So I didn't like her from day one, and when she shot Doug, I thought, "That bitch killed my buddy!"
  • I have my problems with her
  • For the most part I thought she was alright, pretty badass and is attractive. However she had a knack of kind of freaking out, I suppose it's understandable considering the circumstances but still. I will always hold some resentment towards Lilly for what she did to Carley though, shooting her was completely ridiculous.

    Lilly's logic:

    "So like you're eager to see the supplies we get from the city and you called me a bitch... therefore you are not trustworthy and deserve to die."

    So I guess mine is "obviously I have my problems with her."
    YamiRaziel;737245 said:
    There were no bandits, because Ben made a deal with them.
    Plus, who cares what Kenny wants? I will quote Lilly:
    Gambling with your family's life is pretty stupid, if you ask me!
    Will you remind me when was the last time any of them ate after they left the motor inn?
    And how was Savannah not ten times worse than the motor inn?
    I agree with Lilly, for the most part. The Travelier Motel was a good setup, easy to defend, beds, far enough from Macon so zombies don't come often but close enough so they can get supplies in and out easily... Unfortunately Macon doesn't have the amount of supplies needed to sustain the group for long and the motel is quite close to two sources of evil: the bandits and the St. Johns.

    Honestly if I were Lilly I would have left right after seeing Jolene's camcorder because at that point staying at the motel became a bigger gamble then going out onto the road for, as mentioned many times in the Walking Dead universe, the living are more of a threat then the dead.
  • I think she had more balls than anyone else. Yeah, she went crazy but honestly Carley really provoked her. And in that state, why turn your back on her ESPECIALLY when she had a gun?! I like Carley but she was obviously used to getting what she wanted and very pushy being a reporter and that was kind of a detriment to her survival. The issue of who was giving the supplies had to be dealt with - these issues should have all been dealt with when they came up rather than being dragged out and getting worse.
  • ZacTB;737289 said:

    Edit: In Episode 5 Lee says that he blames himself partly for Carley's death if you choose her as the person you cared about hurt hurt in the conversation with Campman. In my playthrough that was kind of true since his actions pretty much led Lilly to kill Carley. I like Lilly more in this game because of the connection to the comics really, I think it's pretty cool.
    I never saw that option then again I'm suffering from a save glitch. :mad:
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