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These are all videos that I played personally. I looked at the best action and interactive situations and started recording from there. I have 1-3 recorded and full one hour of finale one shown.

I decided to share with some people what I did on my task. I understand since a season 2 may be a year off. While it's fresh in people's minds. I bring you.

Best Of Walking Dead Moments

Part 1-

This where you find out the people at that ranch. Eat people in espoide 2


Part 2

This is where the bandits attack the motor in and Lilly shoots doug in the head.


Part 3


This is where Ben unlocks the door letting all the walkers inside. It's also where you have option to leave Ben behind or not. Since it's suspensefull and action filled I added that one.

Please vote on your favorite and I do apperciate "Likes" on my videos. It let's me know people enjoy re-watching clips that made the games so much fun.
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