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The Best Plan?

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Towards the end of the game, we have the choice to decide which plan for the group would be best for their survival. Getting another boat, finding a small town or heading out into the countryside. Which one did you all go for? I personally think the boat was a bad idea. That little speed boat Vernon stole from us wouldn't have been practical for long term survival. Where the heck were they even going to go anyway? A small island with no people? They didn't have any survival gear or supplies with them.

A small town might be ok, but eventually they would drain it of supplies and they would have to contend with local swarms of walkers and possible bandits.

The countryside would probably be safest in theory, due to the lack of walkers, but they would also be exposed to the elements and would be severely at risk if a passing swarm happened across their location.
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  • I think find a small town is the best plan. When it comes to finding food, water and shelter (it's still winter time right?) this would be the best bet for a group of people that lived in cities before the ZA. I don't know if anyone in the group has the skill sets to live off the land. Maybe if Daryl joined the group...squirrel tar tar anyone?
  • I'm not sure about the countryside. As seen on Hershel's farm, it got overrun with a horde of walkers.
  • Why has everyone given up on a boat? I doubt they're that rare of a find in other sheds if this one had one. Then make it to an island and you're safe.
  • The closest island to Savannah is over 100 miles away, so it would most likely be a one way trip, even if they actually were able to get there. The boat was a long shot from the beginning. If not for the bandits and the St. Johns, I would have preferred to stay near Macon, even if the supply situation wasn't the best. The group was just extremely lucky when they found the boat. Maybe if they wre further south, they could decide to hole up in the Florida Keys or something but that isn't an option.
  • I chose the countryside,but small town is a close second,I just thought that the countryside was a good idea,they could hopefully find a farm (like Herschel's)wait it out there for a while,then move on if things get too bad or something.
  • Pickles312 wrote: »
    Why has everyone given up on a boat? I doubt they're that rare of a find in other sheds if this one had one. Then make it to an island and you're safe.

    Maybe but the idea of "the boat" presented by TTG was a flotation device that could barely support the group, carries few supplies (not that we have any...except for a few bottle of booze that seem to be everywhere) and exposed to the elements (It's still winter time btw). If that's the case, why not commandeer an RV and head for the open plains. This way your away from cities, have shelter and most importantly...a bathroom.:D
  • Countryside isn't the best solution, because Clementine obviously isn't good with hunting stuff, so a small city is good for supplies. They will be harder to find and will run out eventually though.
    By the way, I said she should look for Omid and Christa instead of these choices..
  • Where's "bleed out on a jewelry store floor"?
  • I told her she should meet Omid and Christa at the Train, too.
  • As someone stated, Go to the countryside, Live there for a few days, Go on to a different area. Countryside, Of course. Avoid urban areas at all cost. Avoid suburban areas at all cost, also. Just go there maybe to scavenge for supplies, but very very rarely. The countryside is perfect, Yet there is always a danger of walkers, Yet that's just how the zombie apocalypse works. I believe there are much less walkers in the countryside, As urban and suburban areas have much more human flesh for the walkers to feast on.
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