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Season 2: Harder Puzzles?

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I really like the walking dead, don't get me wrong -- but the satisfaction of completing hard puzzles always adds to the emotional impact and satisfaction of the ending.
For a point and click game, the puzzles in this game always left something to be desired for me.

Now I'm not saying go completely old school and make players pixel-hunt; that is something I think we'll all agree was stupid and cheap to make games artificially harder. I think though, the walking dead games should be a little harder intellectually. Episode 5 was the worst of the episodes in this area (NOT SAYING EPISODE 5 WAS BAD)

How do you guys feel?
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  • I would enjoy slightly more difficult puzzles, but not enough to the point that it could be classified as a "puzzle" game. They are good to have, yes, but i think too many(or too difficult) puzzles would subtract from the immersion for some.

    I know a few people who are absolutely horrid at even the simplest puzzles, and would probably lose a lot of enjoyment if the game were riddled with them.

    It's a good idea though, and would probably help those players feeling like they're watching a movie rather than playing a game, i think.
  • Maybe. I thought the Walking Dead had a lot of emotional/moral puzzles.
    The timer when you had to make decisions really more like the decisions had weight.
  • For me the puzzles were on the right level. Don't get me wrong I'm an avid fan of games point and click adventure games, some of which which have had some harder puzzles in them, but in a game where there is an emotionally pulling story I really don't want to end up stuck on a puzzle I'm missing one little part of for more than 5 minutes, else I'll become annoyed I can't advance the plot.
  • I'd be ok with harder.... but they have to be "real world" puzzles, as it were.
  • Nah, keep em' the way they are. Puzzles don't matter in the game as much as the narrative. I'm happy with the current amount of difficulty of puzzles as in season 1.
  • The adventurist in me says... Yes!

    But if I see the puzzle and say "Well, that there's a puzzle." Then they have done it wrong. More stuff like the Brenda hostage, or using Clem's pencil trick to read the train's instructions would be good.
  • If running out of time led to something, then yes.
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