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My (Unpopular) Season 2 Hope

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I posted a long, well thought out post and then hit submit. Nothing happened and my entire post was deleted. :mad:

Now you get this:

I want a new cast for Season 2. New protagonist, new group, new locations.

Keep the series fresh.

I love the old characters (one especially) and I do eventually hope to see them crop up again. (Maybe as a cameo, or a someone who joins the new group at some point)

The ideal thing (IMO) would be to run 3-4 seasons with new protagonists and new groups of characters each season. Then in the final season have all the survivors from each group meet up and we conclude their stories at once in a truly epic finale season.

Or maybe not. Honestly I'm very happy with the ending we received. It was heartbreaking and at the same time left you with a little hope. It also allows you to think whatever you want to think about what happens next. Which are the best kind of endings (again IMO).

So Thanks again Telltale for an awesome adventure and I cannot wait for Season 2!
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  • Yeah I think Season 2 should be a new cast as well. My concerns are that sticking with or playing as Clem will either turn into a retread of season 1 (someone else looking after Clem) or be far less impactful (as youre playing a child).

    Lets embrace the ambiguity of the ending as an uncertan future for a girl in an unsafe world, nothing more, nothing less. Its also about respecting the players individual stories, what you taught Clem and how she felt about you. Theres no need to condense these lessons into a season 2 plotline. The payoff is what you want it to be. Now most of the time I hate it when shows or movies pull that card but I really think its most applicable here, in this situation.
  • I want a new group too, so long as it somehow intertwines with series 1, for example the people who are left end up on the hill from the end of Series 1.
  • JabbaDaHuttX7;737640 said:
    It's not that unpopular. It's actually a far better idea than playing as Clem/Molly or Ben's ghost or what-have-you, imo.
    Awww, but Ben's ghost is an amazing idea for a protagonist! Damn, you people just don't get it =///

    Anyway, I don't think your idea is so unpopular, most people want a new cast for season 2. Based on how season 1 ends, my guess is that the new group would find Clementine. But yeah, keeping things fresh - especially with Clem back - would prove a bit challenging, but I think that Telltale can pull it off =P
  • I would actually love seeing new people. One thing I really like in The Walking Dead game is that you see a new cast, a glimpse of what other people are dealing with outside of Rick Grimes. I wish that's what they did with the TV series, make a new cast instead of just loosely following Rick's story. Maybe then it would be canon.

    One thing I would be extremely pissed about is if Clem isn't in season 2. I want to see how she developed after Lee's last words to her. Yeah yeah she can appear in like season 4 or something but I don't want to wait that long to see Clem. I want a merging of the old cast and a new cast. Omid / Christa, Molly, and Clem join a new group and you play as one of the characters in the new group.
  • i want clemintine to continue off from exactly were she was!!
  • How about the 20 year old. We can have less a fatherly and more.... Brotherish role.
  • I like the idea of all the remaining survivors coming together in a final season. Here's my idea: There will be four groups. We've seen the story of one, and there were three survivors (Four if you include Molly). There can be other seasons too, but I think in at least one of them there should be a binding. It's kind of hard to explain.

    Season 1: Lee and Clem's story.
    Season 2: New characters story
    Season 3: New character's story; survivors from Season 2/1 join.
    Season 4: New character's story
    Season 5: All characters come together in a finale season with more than just 5 episodes

    Seems pretty unreal, though. "You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one."
  • Not a new idea, OP, so don't think it's unpopular. ;)
  • Having played and enjoyed Season 1...and after watching the Playing Dead video of E4, I've learnt not to become too attached to any of the characters in the game. Which of course inevitably happens. I didn't like seeing Lee's end, didn't like after fighting for Ben since E3 that he died at the end anyway (lol) What makes the most sense to me is that in season 2...probably between E2-E4, Telltale would be twisted enough to kill off Clem.

    At first I was hopeful to play Lee for at least one more season, but I do see the appeal of a new survivor. I can also see them starting with Omid and Christa when they get seperated near the hotel. Did they make it to the train or search for another boat or just simply make it off the rooftop? (depending on the player's choice) Or will we simply see them as zombies at some point of S2? Some kind of closure on that scenario would be nice.

    For me because you really don't know what happens to them, that would be the logical choice to start the season. Only TTG knows for sure, but if they used the lost couple, I think it would be kind of cool to jump between control over them. Say start E1 as Christa, then either halfway through that or the start of E2, hand over control to Omid. Would give you 2 different perspectives from each character.
  • I really see it playing out with multiple characters.

    Episode 1 would be you controlling Kenny as he escorts Clem out of Savannah. 2 would put you in Clem's shoes as you wander those fields, trying to track down Omid and Christa. And so on and so on.

    It'd be pretty neat if they could pull a multi character thing off--your choices would effect their personality and everything.

    It's a long shot, but man... that'd be so cool.
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