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Episode 5 Ending impressions / Season 2

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What are u think about Ending?? Sad? Bad?
What would you change with it??
Do u think Lee's death will have some impact on Season 2?

I would change, that Lee should survive Ep 5 (if u cut his hand). And season 2 Could start with that ending, or some time later. That could be better Ending than this one.
Or... He was in coma after chopping hand/blood transfuzion (really don't know how to write that). And he wakes up with the rest of crew... :D

Just i would change his death... I really liked that Character... More than anyone else. And What do You think?
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  • Yeah... Season 2 wouldn't be the same without Kenny and Lee... I really wanted him to survive... And at ending I've almost cried... I just want Lee to back in season 2... Best character 4ever.
  • I liked Lee a lot and I'm sad he died but...I love how Telltale affected people so emotionally. Pewdiepie cried at it, I cried at it, my boyfriend cried at it (someone who is normally quite emotionless), and all my uni mates cried at it. I think it's somewhat beautiful? Like it's a type of art to make people feel that way? I dunno XD It was a very well done ending and to make me cry like that, kudos Telltale...kudos.
  • My only thing is that it will be harder to get attached to this character, and if they kill this main character off at the end of season 2 (with intention of a season 3 being made) it would be very difficult for me to want to play a season 3 if all my characters I play die.
  • I really want Lee to survive this anyway... Idk Coma... Dream... a miracle... Molly help... Whatever... just want that Great character in Season 2.
  • Yeah. But... in some playthroughs he was badass :P But it doesn't matter at the end... I just want him to survive.
  • thestalkinghead;739286 said:
    i was a total shame to loose Lee but
    Lee didn't die a hero.
  • shedim;739600 said:
    Lee didn't die a hero.
    Clementine may disagree
  • As much as I'm going to miss Lee, I have my doubts that many mentions of Lee will be in season 2. Maybe there will a couple references to him in episode 1 of season 2, but I think that'd be it.
  • I really hope Molly will at least feature in prominently in Season 2, and I know it's crazy but she'd be an awesome protagonist as I really think she is still morally ambiguous (what with her conflict over whether or not to help). Either way, I want a female protagonist this time around.
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