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Gift Season 2 upgrade

posted by odnorf on - last edited - Viewed by 843 users
The title says it all I think.
Will there be an upgrade from episode 1 to whole season 2 as a gift?
I'd have a usage for it ;)
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  • I'm not exactly sure what you're asking. Do you want to know if the gift version of Ice Station Santa will be eligible to upgrade (the answer to that is yes, should be available sometime next week), or if you can use a copy of Ice Station Santa to upgrade to the full season and then give that season away as a gift?
  • I think he wants to know if you will be able to give someone who already has Ice Station Santa an upgrade to the full season as a gift.
  • We would have to think through how that would work. It's not something we've considered yet.
  • Harald B got it right. I already gave first episode as a gift to a friend and I'd like to be able to upgrade his account to the full season 2 once episode 2 is released.
  • There are a lot of fringe cases that make something like this more complicated than the standard upgrade. If we ever do support this, we definitely won't be doing it right away.

    If you want, you can just buy the gift version of the full season, and then send me a PM with the order numbers of the two gift purchases and I'll refund the single episode gift purchase for you.
  • I can't think of anyone who wants to receive the gift version of the full Season 2 more than myself. My parents won't let me buy the game using any of the three methods of payment available, and I really need to play those remaining Season 2 episodes so bad! (The only one I have is Ice Station Santa.)

    Anyone who's reading this, please... do me a solid by PM-ing me?
  • So your parents won't let you use one of the three payment methods... but they'll buy a gift subscription for you? If that's the case, can't you just have them buy you the upgrade the normal way, and use your email address on the order?

    Sorry if I'm misunderstanding - feel free to PM me with more details. My brain may be fuzzy after a week lounging in the sun. :D
  • Actually, they will order it for me if your company allowed me to pay for it with a check or a money order. They apparently don't trust any of the three options available.

    I bought several things from with money orders (DVDs for instance), and I'd like to use money orders to buy things from your site, please... because I really want to buy the items here!
  • Unfortunately, those are the only three payment options right now. :( We may have others in the future.

    (To be honest, paying online with a credit card or PayPal seems much more secure to me than mailing a check or money order...)

    Anyway, if you have someone else who wants to buy the game for you as a gift, they can either buy the upgrade the regular way and then we can move it to your account, or they can buy you the gift version of the full season and then we can refund $8.95 from it. There is no way for us to gift upgrades right now.
  • I was told that I could use the S2E1 order number to qualify for the discounted S2 bundle. (Sure enough, there's an order number entry option on the purchase page.) If I give this order number to the gifter, will they receive the discount?
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