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Who is sticking with Telltale?

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I haven't seen a thread like this, so I thought I'd make it my first one!

Well, we know The Walking Dead has brought a lot of new players to Telltale Games. I myself played Bone out from Boneville a long time ago, and hadn't remembered it was a Telltale game until I started The Walking Dead, so I still consider myself new to TTG. So for the other players who are new to the Telltale experience, a poll:
Will you play any upcoming Telltale games?
I know that for some people, the wait between episodes was a deal breaker, but I found that I really enjoyed the episodic gaming, and I really liked their writing, so I will give their future games a try!
What are your thoughts?
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  • I'll gladly play the Daryl and Merle game from Interactive, but TTG's gotten its last of my game dollars. This was a decent interactive comic, and a lot of its success or failure was going to come down to the ending. TTG simply blew it, there.

    The ending was a hopeless bungle. Lee's great sacrifice is no sacrifice at all. First, it's unimaginable that Clem, if she even survives the city (and recall that we forgot to, you know, actually tell her how to find Omid and Christa--oops!), won't be forever haunted by the image of zombie Lee chained to a radiator in a windowless room for all eternity. The big deal he makes, that she shouldn't shoot him, is horribly, horribly misguided. Putting down someone before they turn is extremely cathartic. It was a point of honor and pride and closure for Carl to put down Lori in the tv series. In the game it completely spoils the whole ending. Clem doesn't get that closure.

    Second, are you kidding me? We're left with no cutscene, no reunion with Omid and Christa where we see Clem finally escape? It's clear that TTG badly rushed the entire episode, recycling locations and so on, but this was the worst sort of failure. It played exactly as though the developer simply hit the wall of a deadline and had to quit without finishing.

    Okay.. first off, let me say. You are a freaking a**hole! really? You're not playing the game cause of YOUR ending? you do realize there was a ending were you could... SHOOT Lee right? The ending was perfect, and there was a dialogue option to choose to tell Clem to find them at the train. They used the ending as a Cliffhanger for season 2. You know what that means right? Seems you haven't heard of a brilliant piece of writing before.

    Please, don't spend any of your "hard earned" money on a Telltale game again, we're better off without your idioticy and Opinion's. Sincerely,
    A pleased fan.
  • I received Back to the Future: The Game as a free gift from Steam last Christmas and I've only just realised I'e not even unpacked it yet! What the hell is wrong with me!?

    Tell you suhin though, I know what I'll be playing once I get back home for the Christmas break!
  • Pre-ordering as soon as its up for it :)
  • I found Telltale from the Wallace and Gromit games and since have been hooked
    I loved Sam and Max, strong Bad and back to the future and the walking dead really hit the spot

    I'm waiting for Jurassic park on Xbox UK and I am planning to play Tales of Monkey Island after I have played curse and escape which I'm getting for Christmas and I'm going to use Scummv to play them
    I think I'll be playing Telltale games for a long time coming...
    I'm just worried I might run out of point and clicks soon
  • Joined cuz of Walking Dead.

    Not really interested in Sam and Max, Monkey island and BttF :( Sorry.

    Sticking around a bit for details on Season 2 :D
  • TWD was my first Telltale Games experience and my first adventure game in AGES. Since completing episode 5 I've purchased all three seasons of Sam and Max as well as Tales of Monkey Island, and I'm thoroughly enjoying both. Safe to say I'm going to be sticking with Telltale for the foreseeable future. :)
  • I will definitely be more open to play other telltale games..

    Though, lets be honest, telltale is very inconsistent with there games.

    They can make a goty caliber type of game like the walking dead, and just ship a utter stinky turd like the jurassic park game.

    Not sure if it's because of resources, or what, but that kind of inconsistency makes me weary. Will still read impressions/reviews for other telltale games, besides the walking dead, ...
  • Yes I have loved Telltale for a long time (this website is actually where I first heard of The Walking Dead Game) I've played:

    1. The Walking Dead
    2. SBCG4AP
    3. Puzzle Agent 1 & 2
    4. Back to the Future
    5. I tried the Sam and Max game
    6. Part of Monkey Island

    And I will definitely go for future games too!
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