Telltale: Twd was awesome !! Thanks!

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Hey guys, i just wanted to say this game was a really great game, i loved it, even though the ending was kind of sad.

My only issue with the game was that the choices didn't really matter at the end. I hear you guys are planning a season 2, and i'm hoping that you script maybe 10-12 different endings. I'm going to play this game again i imagine, but there won't be as much to look forward to since i already know the ending. I am totally game for season 2 of this, and i really hope you start it in the spring of 2013, and try to turn this into a yearly thing. But all i ask is that you have the choices lead up to one of many multiple endings. Even if you guys can only muster 2-3 endings it'll be better than one, and increase the replay value.

Thanks again!!!!!!
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