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Since the game was so damn depressing

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I made up an alternate ending based on choices you make.

Lee and Clem walk through the streets of Savannah covered in zombie guts. Clem sees her zombie parents and as she stands there shocked Lee passes out.

Now, if you let Omid and Christa cross first before that sign collapsed, they were able to get to a nearby church bell.

And instead of walking up in a locked room, Lee wakes up to church bells as all the walkers leave in one diredction. Lee tells Clem he was bit however if he removes his arm he survives and has just been feeling woozy from the surgery.

Lee either dies on the street or gets Clem out and they meet up with Omid and Christa.

I wouldn't change a damn thing about the original ending, but it would have been better if that ending was because Lee did not cut off his arm, and left Omid and Christa on the wrong side of the street where they can't help you.
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