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Who's death was the most noble/brave?

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Your answer?

I can't really decide on this, but it's got to be one of my buddies. Kenny, Ben, or Doug. Kenny of course died (for me) in an alleyway saving the one person in the world he used to hate the most. Ben. And I thank him (Except for the dying part) for putting the kid out of his misery, and also restoring his humanity.

Then there's Ben, and this isn't exactly a death though. I saved Ben of course, but when he was dangling there, and telling me to go on and drop him so he could save the others some time, I knew that he thought the only way he could help was sacrifice. I agree with him on most things, but not on this. But I honor him for his bravery.

Doug was a funny character who thought he couldn't do anything without a couple batteries and spare parts. I guess he became a good friend of Ben on that walk back to the Motor Inn in Episode 2, because he saved Ben's life. The thing is, he pushed him out of the way, not pulled, so he got hit by the bullet. I would vote for Doug, but then again he died by accident, even though he did a brave thing.
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  • When doug saved ben :(
  • inb4 everyone says Kenny.

    Definitely Doug.
  • There was Doug and Kenny. If you dropped Ben, I'd say that was a pretty heroic death.
  • Kenny's for sure if you sided with him alot you get this as I posted somewhere else:
    well if I remember how it played out for me:
    Kenny: get the fuck outta here lee
    Lee: what?!?!?
    Kenny: go back! she needs you lee!
    Lee: KENNY!
    (choices come up)
    Lee: HELL NO MAN!, I'm not leaving!
    Kenny: WHAT DID I JUST SAY!?
    Lee: Let's get ben and get out of here!
    (kenny pushes Lee to side and closes gate)
    Lee: what the fuck kenny!?
    Kenny: Lee. Lee it's okay
    (choices come up)
    Lee: NO KEN! no it's not!
    Kenny: its just somethin' I gotta do, you know that... now go get that girl.
    (lee tries to pull gate).
    that's pretty heroic to me
    (those were my choices of dialogue)
    definitely doug too
  • Either Doug or Lee. Doug was quiet but still didn't ever want people to die who didn't deserve it so he sacrificed himself. Lee however still fought for his last few breaths to keep his final moments with Clem so he could help her. After everything Lee went through he still did everything he could to help out Clem.
  • A tie between Doug and Kenny.

    What Doug did was really, really, really noble. But Kenny spent his last bullet to save Ben the pain of being eaten alive, at the cost of himself going through that. That's fucking bravery.
  • It's close but It's Doug for me too.
    He saw Lilly pull the gun on Ben and put himself in harms way for another member and,remember,Carley wouldn't of even made it into episode 1 without him.So,yes,it's Doug for me too.

    Hopefully Lilly wasn't just going to scare Ben into confessing and panicked fired with Doug's sudden movement...
    because he did shout and get the walkers attention before they turned around and went after Lee in episode 1 :p
  • I'm not really sure, probably Doug. But Brie definitely had the most dramatic.
  • Chuck. He died saving a little girl.
  • apart from kenny and doug nobody had a noble/brave death (maybe chuck but he didn't die saving clementine) and with doug i would say it was 50-50 as to whether he caused lilly to panic fire or he reacted the exact same time lilly was going to pull the trigger and the kenny trying to save ben death is kind of pointless.

    so kenny has the most noble/brave death in my opinion
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