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Walking dead freezing

posted by Aendiile on - last edited - Viewed by 300 users
I have been playing with no problems whatsoever up until episode 3 chapter 7...

Once the game goes from chapter6 to chapter 7 it freezes on the load screen. I have updated, have tried it on both ios6 and ios5. I have also tried rewinding two And three chapters, it still hangs up while loading chapter 7. This is on a ipad2.

Help! I am addicted and can't continue any further.
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  • Let me answer u , try to restart ur iPad , delete the game and redownload , make sure u r logged on ur apple account , try to change ur iPad to iPad mini maybe it fixes itself , shutdown ur iPad for 10 mins without looking at the screen , then look at it for 5 secs then tap on it 3 times with ur finger (rata tat ta) then do break-dance for 2 mins infront of the ipad then open ur iPad ,
    U will find the problem unfixed immediately
    Just do anything but plssss don't ask us to fix any bug !

    Thanks for contacting the supporting team of telltale ... ^_^

    Written by a mad fan of telltale games ...
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