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Copy Protection preventing start of the game

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Dear Folks,

Talking about the Windows version, installing and running it unter Fedora Linux 16, wine-1.5.17, DirectX9 completely installed via winetricks. The game is marked as "working fine" in the Wine-AppDB so I bought it.

The game installs fine, however, after entering my details the game tells me, that there is no Internet connection even if there definitely is Internet connection (and wine-gecko is properly installed, just in case). Unfortunately my PC isn't strong enough to run the game in a Virtual Machine. I worry seriously having spent $25 for a maybe great game which doesn't run just for one click in the copy-protection.

Anyone else having this issue or maybe even a solution?

[I already posted a similiar comment in the Walking Dead Discussion section, but the correct category for my issue seems to be here as it is a strictly technical issue]
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    Jennifer Moderator
    Try e-mailing [email][/email] and letting them know that the game tells you there's no internet connection.

    I had a computer in the past with no internet connection, and the Telltale support team was able to supply me with an offline serial number to unlock the game.
  • Jennifer, thank you for your suggestion. I just wrote a mail explaining my problem and mentioning this thread here to Telltale support. I'll keep the thread up to date.
  • Just got the response from Telltale support:
    If they had told me that there is no Linux support I'd absolutely understand and accept. But evidently they didn't even read the thread (I had referred to it in my support-ticket) so I ended up asking how to give back the game. :(
  • So here we go:

    I got a second mail from support stating that Linux is not officially supported but giving even some advice ho to get it run. It looks as it is really just that first-time registration window that doesn't accept some latency in the connection.

    I ended up giving my data to a friend in Europe, having him register the game and copy the whole Wine-directory to a DVD. All that worked flawlessly just out of the box.
    I had the opportunity to pick up his DVD just a couple of days ago. Playing now and it's a great game!
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