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Favorite Season 1 quotes

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Just wondering does anyone have a favorite season 1 quote or quotes?(please say one from each episode)

Mine are:
(episode 1)Max: Sorry i misstook you for a ferrit and as you know ferrites are aloud to drive in this state.
(episode 2)Sam: it's called Moo Goo guy pan. Featherworth: whats this called in english? Max: Cow pie!
(episode 3)Lennerd Stakecharmer: I would say the circus is in town but i know for a fact they won't be here till next friday.
(episode 4)Max: All Hail Max! (and the one in my signature)
(episode 5)Max: Gain Money and loose wait? Were do i sign up?
(episode 6)Max: See you on the other side Haugh!*drinks water with Haugh Bliss in it*
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  • It is definitely when Sam and Max are asking Bosco for what's in his store....

    Sam: Do you have any...completed artificial personality disorder symptoms forms?
    Bosco: Mm-hm!
    Max: You do?!
    Sam: Wow that really would've come in handy earlier

    Sam: Do you have of a chicken eating cow manure for laughs?
    Bosco: Mm-hm!
    Sam: What?? No way!

    Sam: Do you have meatball sandwich positioning systems?
    Bosco: Mm-hm!
    Max: Oh! You gotta be kidding me!!

    Sam: Do you have any... 3 foot by 2 foot cue cards that say "Don't vote for me"?
    Bosco: Mm-hm!
    Max: Whaaaat?? I can't believe this!!

    Sam: Do you have any... instant win cheat codes for reality 2.0?
    Bosco: Mm-hm!
    Max: Ohhhh! Why didn't we ask beforeeee??

    Sam: Do you have any... Hugh Bliss tied up back there?
    Bosco: Nn-mh.
    Max: Aahhh?
    Sam: Hey, I was on a roll.
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