Clementines hat for sale?

I saw a video on where a guy had Clementines hat from the Walking Dead game. Does anyone know if this is for sale and where I can find it?


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    I believe a few people who worked on the game got it as well as some game review site editors.

    I am telling you right now, Telltale. I would pay BOOKOO BUCKS to have a Clementine hat.
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    Hi Kyle!

    I agree, the Clementine hats are awesome... wish I had one myself! Those were a very limited promotional item we sent out to some of our friends in the press, and a few external folks who were involved in the game.

    At the moment there aren't any plans to sell the hats as merchandise, but you're right - it would be an amazing thing for fans to own!
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    This is a little late, but I just listed one of these hats for sale.
  • Come on Guyz you can make your own hat, just buy a hat with blue and white color and write D on it with white color, Simple

    A friend of mine bought me a clem hat and gave me the website name so here it is

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