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"Generate random story decisions for skipped episodes"...Yeah

posted by VideoGameCzar on - last edited - Viewed by 224 users
I love the game...and after episode 2 I was really looking forward to what was going to happen next...But...Yeah, It's says "Generate random story decisions for skipped episodes"

"Generate random story decisions" isn't making my own decisions the whole damn point of the game?! Top that with, I'm playing this with my mom and we've become invested in the story...

What can I do? If I need to replay them, I'll do that, but I would rather jump to episode 3.

Also, I bought the game on the steam sale if that matters.

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  • Having the same issue. Windows 7 machine purchased through Steam. I've tried searching for a duplicate Prefs.prop file on my machine. Only the one exists so that fix is not viable for me.
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