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Clementine in S2

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If she's in the second season, I really hope she isn't grown up :( I'd like my Clem to stay 9 years old and adorable as ****
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  • She won't, they are not going past where the comics are right now.
  • could be like Morales and family (from the show), where they are formally removed from the show. We won't know if they "ultimately" survive, but we aren't just left feeling like they were just cast aside. This is if they end Clem's story.

    If they choose to continue her story..

    I think it'll be Clem's POV. It sort of hinted at that when we were instructing her what to do, like we were doing with Lee. It'd be interesting if it were a pass down of POVs with each season (if they do more than 2). So perhaps if something happens to Clem next season, a character close to Clem will take over and it'll continue that way.
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