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Some controversial thoughts from long time lurker for Season Two and One

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Long time lurker, first time poster here.

Let me first say hats off to Tell Tale Games, they really blew me away with The Walking Dead game. I cannot remember if I was ever so emotionally bonded to a game.

Now I’d like to raise a point that many will find controversial.
But I also I think many many people will agree with me.

I understand that in the zombie apocalypse, people you care about die, whether it is fair or not.
BUT, you have to draw the line somewhere. To a good story, there are sad parts, but there is some redemption and happy ends. Here, they crossed the line and just killed off the people we cared about most (Lee and Carly).

Like many here, I was SHOCKED… I just sat there.. .when Carly died. I immediately exited the game and then tried for the next 20 minutes or so, every combination to try to save the Carley. It was depressing but I accepted that she died, although it was hard to do that.

But when Lee got bitten, I was just furious and told myself I would not play episode 5. But somehow I ended up playing. But I was filled with hope when there was opportunity to cut off your arm… and then the ending happens. I was in tears, so good job Tell Tale games, but I also feel like I got played like atoy, and I feel it was so very not fair.

Here is my question to you of the forum, especially those who are younger and are more computer saavy. I see in many games there can be many ‘modifications’ or ‘mods’ made to games. Characters and even whole aspects of games can be changed by clever programmers.

Might it be possible to make a mod where Carly survives the gunshot (she just has bad face injury), and also in the future to make a mod for Season Two where we can replace the main character with Lee? I think that there is enough materials in terms of voice, facial expressions, and body positions so that all/most actions of Lee and Carly for many situations could be re-made. Also, many voice, many words from Lee and Carly from the games can be ‘recycled’ to form the complete sentences (I see people are able to do this very easily, from examples in YouTube including ‘Songify’ etc etc).

Can we re-engineer the game so that Carly survives the gunshot and she stays with us in episode 4 and 5, for example, her face/body and words could completely replace Christa. And do the same for Lee, he would replace whoever becomes the main character for Season Two?

Who else whould be interested in this possibility?

Of course there would have to be much efforts from the clever ‘modders’, but I would be willing to support and help out any ways I can and I am sure that there are many who are in these forums that would have similar thoughts as me and would lend their support. Even some sort of Kickstarter-like effort could be possible.

This may not be easy or happen quickly, but I just wanted to start some seeds of discussion and see if we can try to start some collective effort and gather some ideas to try to make this a reality.
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