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Spoilers!Decision saves from season 1 to effect season 2 once released?

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Ok now that I have completed the game,would it be suggested ahead of time I make a backup of my saves from the whole season to transfer to season 2? Say for example Clem is the main character and she tells whoever new character about Lee and the player had Lee treat her like crap, didn't save her, give her food,etc. on the last season, do you think it could be possible those things could effect gameplay when you play the next season? Just a thought as all. I had Lee treat her good of course, and I assume in the end Clem still cared a lot about Lee up to the time she had to kill him regardless what bad decisions you made to her beforehand. I ask this because hopefully Telltale won't give us anymore saving problems, like a different "last season on the walking dead" decisions you didn't make on the last season saves.
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