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Episode 2,Telltale's original plan.

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Hey you all,hows it going? :) So,I was diging through Youtube for some unused lines today,and found some pretty interesting stuff.Though it would be worth sharing. (
Episode 2 Highlights:

-Brenda's voice used to be a lot different.
-If you didn't cut Mr. Parker's leg off at the beggining,it seems that he would get chopped instead of Mark.It would be a very nice interaction!
-The Meat Locker scene was supposed to be much more longer and dramatic,with more lines,argument and interaction when it comes to reviving Larry.Seems this is what the picture from the episode menu was showing us.
-It gets confirmed that the traps belong to the St. John's.
-After stealing/leaving the food,it seems that there was supposed to be a scene leading us back to the Motor Inn.

So what do you think?I didn't listen to all of them,so apologies if I missed something important. ;)
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