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Walking dead eps.5 problem

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Iplayed walking dead 1-5 already when i tried to go back and play 5 it wont let me i played 4 all ova again and only options for eps. 5 is stat or back i wanna know whats going on can someone help me i contacted ps3 customer service rebooted ps3 and redowloaded games and still have this problem:confused::eek:and also the way eps. 5 ended will yall becoming out with another epsodes soon god i love walking dead
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    If you've replayed Episode 4, you should have a Play/Continue button as well as a Rewind button for Episode 5. Once Episode 5 is completed, only Rewind is accessible. If you are not seeing either, try playing Episode 5 independently on another slot, then pause and return to the Main menu and load Episode 5 in your main game.
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