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xbox store has no Episode 5 to download?

posted by rockylee on - Viewed by 230 users
Sorry that if I post wrong forums.. but I ask xbox support, they said they can't help me. :mad:

When Telltale games announce the final Episode released at 11/20,
I've been waiting 2 weeks for the last Episode 5 to finish my story, but sadly,
there's still no update in my region's store since 11/21.

Here is the xbox store in my region

Taiwan(Episode 1-4 only, No 5 ????)

May I know when Telltal games will release it in xbox 360 market in my region?
or please let us know if there is no plan to release the final here,

Then I think all my Friend and I will ask xbox support to refund us, because this game is unfinished.

As you see the link below, almost others region which has Episode 1-4 are already released the final episode 2 weeks ago.

US (Episode 1-5 OK, 11/21 release)

Hong Kong (Episode 1-5 OK, 11/21 release)

Singapore (Episode 1-5 OK,11/21 release)

India (Episode 1-5 OK,11/21 release)

and so many..... please don't give us up, please....All my friend and I which bought all Episode 1-4 can't wait to play the final chapter....

thank you very much.
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