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Stuck in Moai Better Blues?

posted by Tanukitsune on - last edited - Viewed by 1.7K users
I'm playing the Gametap version and I can't seem to get the water of the fountain of youth last enough, the moment I walk past the fire hydrant the effect goes away... I know I need to turn into a kid to get the kid meal at Stinky's and use it on one of the Moai heads, but that's about it...

PS: Is the GameTap version supposed to be this... glitchy? The moai icon when talking is a black square, Sam is holding a conch all the time, they say things they shouldn't... yet and so on... Until now I used the normal version and never found a single glitch in them...
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  • But can I beat the game with this version?
  • Maybe, but also maybe not.
  • The hints keep telling me about the book I got, but I know I need that Basalt Sandwich and I know I need the water of the fountain of youth, but I don't know how to make it last longer... Even if I drink it closer to Stinky's the power fades away the moment I walk in front of the fire hydrant....
  • I know its so simple its hard that happens mabye if you have the Big Triangle in Stinky's Diner it'll be easyer but how? that you'll need to find out by yourself (i know becasue i finished)
  • I already beat it a few days ago, I did have to wait for the version over here, and boy were the builds different! :eek:

    I'm glad they removed the most annoying puzzle! :3
  • Tell! Tell! What was the puzzle of evil! O_O
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