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Chuck's role

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I thought Chuck was a good character in TWD and I thought they could have used him better. I know that they can't explore much each character in only five episodes, but don't you think it would be nice to see a conection of him being the father of the dairy's farm brothers as many people here were thinking it would happen, for example? Or maybe something else to add more content to the character (maybe being alive at the sewers, help lee and then sacrificing himself there for Lee to continue and meet Vernon)?
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  • I liked that he was the one that suggested teaching Clementine how to use a gun in the first place, and how he foreshadowed Lee's eventual fate, but yea, I wished he had a bit more screen time.
  • I still think he could have met Vernon with Lee and died in Crawford, to show Crawford's Laws even after it fell; get rid of the ill (Brie), old (Chuck) and incompetent (Ben).
  • i miss chuck. he was a good character.
  • If it wasn't for Chuck, Lee probably would have not thought to teach Clem to protect herself. He was an important character. Shame he only got like 3 lines in episode 4.
  • Actually, the idea of Chuck coming into a pre-fall Crawford with the others, then disappearing (to be discovered later, already dead) before the truth about Crawford is revealed, is quite a good one.
  • Still half dead in the inside.

    Lee's death?

    No, Chuck's Death :(
  • What's worse is how he's never mentioned. Nobody brings up his death nor can you call Molly out on pretty much having killed him.
  • What happens if you decided not to cut Clem's hair or put it off, what does that do to the story?
  • Exactly. I think Chuck could make a very interesting role in the series and they use him in episode 4 just to be another death. Everybody complained that they killed Carley/Doug quickly and never mention them again, meaning that our decision at episode 1 was useless, but with Chuck is even worse. It's like let's get rid of this character as soon as we can.
  • He was a pretty mysterious and weird(?) character... He could see Lee's death and that Clem needs to learn how to survive on her own. The way he spoke was awesome.
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