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Release on Windows Store for tablets?

posted by Vladdie on - last edited - Viewed by 7.9K users

I was wondering if Telltale have any plans to release the tablet version of The Walking Dead series on the Windows Store.

I tried the PC version of TWD on my new Windows 8 tablet but it ran very slow and was not suitable for touch controls. I assume the iPad version of TWD is a scaled down version that doesn't require much in terms of system specs you would find on a proper gaming desktop.

Could iPad version be ported to the Windows Store for people who have Surfaces and Windows 8 tablets which will grow a great deal over the next months/year?

I would happily buy the game again if I could play it with touch controls on my Windows 8 tablet. Is there any way to enable touch controls in the main PC game?
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  • Its the last post i post about this cause its kinda off-topic XD
    Never said Linux can't play or work with walking dead. Hell you didnt even mentioned linux in youre first post. You like Lunix i like windows 8. So thats a reason for you to crash in a topic and tell no windows 8 sucks don't make it for that platform? I think everyone should enjoy it on whatever platform.

    Edit: see that a moderator is here so back on-topic :)
  • Is it still safe to say that i too like too see a app voor the Windows 8 tablets ;)
    Myself got a Dell XPS 10 last week so i was quite suprised that their was no telltale app.
  • Hope you guys are working secretly at a walking dead windows tablet app version ;)
  • I support this too would be awesome to see some good apps on my tablet.
  • This would be GREAT! I would definitely buy all walking dead games to come on a windows touch supported system

  • Played the wolf among us this week on my pc (which is old and lags :P) But got myself a surface 2 (windows RT device) and would love to see the walking dead or any other telltale series to be released in the windows store.

    would be great to hear if you guys even consider it in the nearby future ;)

  • Personally i prefer playing these kind of games on a tablet. I also got myself a Surface 2 :) (love it) only downside is that there are no telltale games in the store.

  • I would love to see this happen. These are the kinds of games I'd love playing on a device like the Surface.

  • Been a long time that i post in this topic. But still got my hopes up that this gameserie and more will be touch enabled and available in the Windows Store. Even a other game from telltale would be awesome :)
    Someone of Telltale staff care to tell us if it is even considered in the future? (x86 and ARM)

  • I don't understand why is this not available for windows phone? There are a lot of telltale games and walking dead fan who have windows phone. There is a IOS and a android version but we need it on windows phone too. Please telltale games make a windows phone version for us.

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