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Zombie behavior

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In episode 4, you can see the protagonists rush into the manor and be safe there. However, in Episode 5, the horde catches up with them and force its way into the house. So, I was wondering if the zombies have somehow knowledge of places they had previously known while being alive.

In Episode 5 you can see Brie entering the house first, and so I figured she had lad the horde into the house, because otherwise how could the zombies follow them like that? They did do so with the train, but that was only one direction and they simply continued until they arrived into the city.

Also, Brie was not eaten alive as I thought she would be. She simply turned after being maimed somewhat.

If people keep turning like that, and since zombies don’t seem to attack one another (as shown at the end of Episode 5), would it be possible that the outbreak just stops after all zombies starved to death?

There’s one problem, though. You would need to hole up long enough until the pandemic reaches its highest level and zombies start to run out of prey. They would then end up like the kid in the attic in Episode 4, barely capable of standing up.

Other problems I think about would be to sleep handcuffed so an unmovable objet so that you can’ hurt anybody when sick, if there’s a risk that you will not make it.
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  • The boy in the attic starved to death. Thats the reason why he was so weak. Zombies do not seem to starve, they just keep rotting. So the survivors of the apocalypse will have to wait until all zombies are rotten.

    The zombie group whith which Brie arrived probably destroyed the little house where the boat was in to reach the house, since the door to the streets was open and the other just closed without the bar.
  • If we talk about TWD (other franche Zombies often work differently) then the zombie doesn't starve or die any natural way, the most that can happen is its reanimated corpse is rendered immobile. It is already dead.
    Also, being dead their digestive systems don't function and so don't require food to survive. Their desire to consume flesh exists because of pure instinct.

    The boy in the attic starved before he turned into a zombie, thus the remaining corpse is nearly immobile. The risen zombie can only work with what is left. The zombieboy in the attic would not have starved. If they left him and came back half a year later he would still be there trying to chomp you.
  • The zombies heard Lee's gunshot, Kenny and Ben. The zombies were also aware of their location when they broke into the house (Ep.5), they barely got to see them when they used the alleyway to reach the house (Ep.4).
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